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About Turkey

About Turkey

If you’re planning a trip and know about Turkey, you’re probably wondering “What is Turkey?” It is officially the Republic of the Turkish Republic, and it is located in Western Asia, in the region of Anatolia. A small portion of the country lies in Southeast Europe on the Balkans. There are many great places to visit in Turkey. You can see the beautiful beaches, visit the ancient ruins, and more.

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About Turkish food

First, try Turkish food! The country’s cuisine is diverse, with regional specialties and a variety of meat and vegetable dishes. Near the coast, seafood and kebabs are popular, and they’re the most famous dishes of Turkey. Be sure to sample a wide variety of “meze” (appetizers), too. While it may sound odd, it’s actually an important part of Turkish cuisine.

About Turkish people

About Turkey 8211 About Turkish people

Turks love to socialize, and they’re always ready to help out. If your neighbor is ill or newly-born, don’t hesitate to ask for the ingredients. They’ll be happy to give you a hand if you need it. Unlike in other countries, Turks have a strong sense of community, and they’re often a part of neighborhood events. Even if you’re in the city, you’re likely to run into a friendly Turk.

How to become citizen in Turkey

Having a second nationality is not prohibited in Turkey. In fact, it’s even legal. You need only prove your Turkish parentage. If you’re not Turkish, you can become a Turkish citizen by investing in real estate in the country. There are a number of advantages to living in Turkey, and investing in real estate is one of them. If you’re interested in buying property in this country, you’ll find a great deal of potential in the market.

About climate in Turkey

The climate in Turkey is different depending on the region. The Black Sea region is humid and rainy. The rest of the country is continental with milder weather. Aegean regions are mostly continental, while the rest of Turkey is subtropical. However, the north-western region has a Mediterranean climate, with warm winters and cold winters. The central and eastern regions of Turkey have a temperate climate. There’s no climatic extremes, but they can experience snowstorms or blizzards.

Fashion and clothing in Turkey

About Turkey 8211 Fashion and clothing in Turkey

Regardless of gender, most men in Turkey dress in Western fashion. Upper and middle-class urban people pay close attention to the latest fashions, and many are trying to acquire Western luxury items. They’re also incredibly traditional, as a rule. If you’re interested in learning about the culture, you should take a trip to Turkey. You won’t regret it. If you’re traveling to Turkey for the first time, you’ll be glad you did.

About economy of Turkey

The country’s economy is a mix of traditional agriculture and modern industry. Its economy is the third largest in the world but is still considered an emerging, growth-leading economy. It’s the eighth-largest economy in the world in nominal GDP and the fourth-largest in PPP. It is a member of the United Nations, the EU, NATO, and the G20. While the state is still a major player in basic industry, the private sector is growing rapidly. Clothing and textiles are almost completely private. Its recent economic growth is marked by the partial success of structural reforms.

Political system in Turkey

The country’s political system is a parliamentary democracy. It had a parliamentary system until 2018, but changed to a presidential system in 2018. Its president now has complete control over the executive branch, is a member of parliament, and can dissolve the parliament. In addition, the country’s economy is highly developed and has numerous international investors. The Army Mutual Assistance Foundation is the biggest private investor in Turkey. By making investments in a number of sectors, it has made the country more competitive.

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